Movie photography

With my brother acting  and a pair of boots ” i tried to stage an image you’d usually see in a movie . The scene is shot from under the bed looking at an intruder who’s broke into the house and killed everyone inside and is now looking for me .

I thought it came out ok but maybe better use of  the props in the background next time. ** What do you think**

chasing clicks - Vincent G

Nature is the beauty of life

My recent river walk on a misty miserable day, heavy rain bounced on the ground as i wiped the lense away!!!

chasing clicks - Vincent G-2

chasing clicks - Vincent G

Autumn and winter are my best photography months ,the colours and lifeforms that nature takes on are not to be seen in any other months.  Have fun and keep chasing clicks .

Street Fashion

With fashion we choose what time period we want to live in!  40’s 50’s 60′ 70’s 80 ‘s etc……

Does fashion tell you about a person? I’m not sure judging  people on dress sense will lead you to the right conclusion but leads you to imagination, i can look at people and think ” wow! So that’s how the people of the 70’s dressed ”

The youth of today would no doubt turn their nose up at a man walking the street dressed as though he’s walked out from the second world war era but i find this intriguing and makes my imagination work a little harder.

I  think the elderly tend not to move with the times hence why they stay dressed to their given era where as people these days move with the times ? As i walk the streets i spot this man, i quickly put the view finder to my eye hoping he wouldn’t look up as it was close contact photography and it would have been an awkward situation for both of us.

I love this image as it shows a man been independent at such an age and not changing his image for anyone.   

street style

Market Life

The dyeing trade that once would flood every city and town in the UK ” The great market life ” with everything cheaply found online it’s becoming more and more difficult for market traders to make any kind of living and those that do are niche market stalls and the die-hard veg man who shouts at the top of his voice just to attract any passers-by. With tough laws that prevent market holders setting up their stalls until all the high-streets shops open for trade and that of early morning noise regulation preventing the stall holder opening, i fear their losing the battle to the men in suites and the online cheep’s you can find with a click of a button.

As i walk the market i can’t help but feel grateful for what i have yet sorry for the one’s who stand by family traditions. I don’t feel like market life is completely dead but maybe going through a transformation period ” out with the old in with the new ” for many new start-up companies it’s a great platform for them to showcase their product.

I think after my experience on the market and talking to those who work in all weather all year round for little money and only pride i’ll be supporting in the future no matter how little it might be.


Market life

Market life

market life

market life

market life

market life



Your not the only one!

A small world where people alike cross paths daily, with street photography people can relate to the image’s but not always why you choose to be a ” street photographer ” some people think it’s strange taking photos of strangers and to be honest so did i when i first started out so i can appreciate and respect their opinion.

One thing street photography has tought me is never to judge others because if you actually spoke to them you’ll realise you know nothing about the individual, that been said its human nature to look at someone and imagine, or relate to an image.

When i walk the streets with my camera i think i’m the only one doing street photography in my town ” who else does street? ” You’d be surprised. As i walk through a not so busy town centre i approach a shot from the side,   “click” the man turns and spot’s me so i feel obliged to talk to him and explain what i’m doing ” he laughs” and says,  Can i show you something? He pulls out his camera and begins to show me his work ” Street photographer ” i can’t believe it !!!!!

We stand and talk for some time both sharing something in common but as i walk away i do so learning a lesson! ” Don’t ever think you’re the only one, don’t  judge and don’t assume anything yet work from fact’s and the individual himself.

street photographer

street photographer

Going urbex/urban

So as you’ve probably noticed i’ve been a little inactive over the past few months, why? Well, work life has literally taken over and the time i once had has all but disappeared. I have now decided i need to open up the doors to all forms of photography, this should make for more photography time ” I hope!!! ”

I have a passion for opening people’s eyes to things they would never otherwise see , that’s now the future for me i need direction , a path to take so i’m opening the door to all things street, some underground and some not so legal but one thing i can promise is……  it will make for good reading and documentation.

Olf style Lampshade meets graffiti

Old style Lampshade meets graffiti



Until next time, keep clicking…