Street Life

I wake with no work today, nothing to do! I sit and wonder what to do with my day? I pick my camera bag up and head for the door not knowing what i shall capture. This is the life of a street photographer “ Not knowing

There is something about street life that is not only challenging but endearing, not just the people but the back alleyways that look mysterious, the homeless that many ignore, the street cleaners and delivery men that work their dead-end job’s! You’ll see many happy people but much misery on the streets.

On the street your naked for all to see!

While i always chase the “click” i always respect the people i’m shooting, these people have unforeseen problems unknown to the world, i don’t want to belittle or make them feel uncomfortable i read the moment and situation then i’ll make my decision. Been silent and invisible is the key to street photography but i’m sure many will disagree ? Many high-profile street photographers take the click in the face approach and i suppose there is no right or wrong but morals come into play for me.

I don’t want to sound like i don’t cross the line when it comes to street photography because i do “Alot”  Many times i’ve been a little too close for comfort but it’s how you deal with street situations, if challenged i will be calm and blag it or i’ll be honest it’s all down to the moment if i need to delete the image i will there is no point in causing a scene and making people feel uncomfortable most people just want to know “why” if asked i’ll always tell them what i do and where they can find the photo and usually that’s enough. I have a folder on my facebook page where i put people’s photos should they want them, in most cases i get messages thanking me and are grateful for the photo.

 Think before you click

keep calm and keep shooting street…

street people


6 thoughts on “Street Life

  1. Very wise words, thank you for sharing.
    I have been overseas to places where people refuse to have their pic taken, because they believe that a piece of their soul will be marred.

  2. Right. The worst thing is to try to sneak pictures. For one thing the closer you get the better the image, and it’s just more honest. That said, it’s often a difficult thing to feel out the moment and decide if it’s going to be okay with the person.

    • In this respect street photography is hard, if you read the other blog posts you’ll find I respect others and think before I make any shot ! Street is about thinking not been selfish and stupid .

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