Beyond the street

Been a street photographer you always walk with eye’s wide open and your head on a swivel, sometimes it’s not what’s on the street that make’s a good shot it’s what’s in the coffee shop window that sometimes tell a story of it’s own. Street photography is 80% luck, it’s about been in the right place at the right time the other 20% is vision and your ability to make the shot work.

I spend a lot of time on Flickr and other site’s studying people’s work and it’s sometimes hard to understand the meaning behind the shot or is it like art? “ what one doesn’t understand another will? “ Street is hard to define, for me it’s documenting life on the street “telling a story” for others it’s graffiti or the filthy alleyways, either way as long as someone connects and can relate that’s all that matters.

Street photography captures the imagination, not only of the people looking at the final image but the photographer who see’s the shot in the first place. You can read a book and everyone who reads the book will come up with the same understand knowing all that is to be known, you show someone a street photo and i guarantee 99% of people will tell a different story that’s “street photography

Have fun keep chasing clicks.



4 thoughts on “Beyond the street

  1. Hi Gary!!! i like your photos…i would recommend you though to resize your photos before you upload them to your blog…that way nobody will be able to steal and print your photos without your permission…

    • Thank you Pavlos, Any photos i post on this blog are there for people to use or share and i’d hope they’d credit me if they choose to use them. For “publication” that’s a different matter and i’d hope they were a bit more aware of copyright laws.

      • well…i understand your way of thinking…but since you never know where do your photos end up it’s better to take some precautions…
        keep up the good work!!! cheers…!!!

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