Street Awareness

Can street photography change or make people more aware? This is a question i’ve been asking myself a lot lately. I don’t want my photo’s to be looked at and for others to think it’s a nice photo “thats what landscape photography is for” i want to make people use their imagination and give people more of an understanding of the city they live in, i want to highlight problems and make people more aware of their everyday surroundings but most of all i want to tell a story with photos.

I’ve been thinking of a project that will both tell a story but also make people more aware of issue’s within the city, the problem i have is how do i get local people to notice? It’s a big pond with a lot of fish so it will be challenging but i’m sure rewarding. I’m not 100% sure on a project yet so please feel free to help me decide.

While shooting on the streets i’ve seen so many sad faces that are ignored by many, they want to talk and express their feeling’s but words won’t come out, i take their photo so words don’t have to be used and yet other will see the pain and loneliness that walk amongst us.


Have fun chasing clicks and make a difference 


4 thoughts on “Street Awareness

  1. I do quite a bit of volunteer work in this arena.
    My husband and I head up a food bank and I can tell you that your photography is very gripping and definitely causes a blogger to think…..
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us to be grateful that we have what we have but most of all grateful, that we can reach out to others.

    • Thank you it means lot. I’m glad you see it as i’d intended, i would never put people on show without having respect for the people i’m documenting. It’s never about putting people on show for the world to gloat, it’s about showing people how the world/street really is.

      Thank you …

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