A buskers passion

Street entertainment better known as “Busking” Why do people do this? Lets be honest the money isn’t great and most of the time the weather is awful “UK” I ventured out to take a look and within five minutes i realized these people deserve a lot of respect, they stand and sing to passersby and maybe make £10 all day and most of this is made up of 1,2 & 5 p’s

Hard Street Life

What life do they have? Do they have a job? Are they in college? Are they homeless? Are they looking for fame? So many unanswered questions. Some street laws make it difficult for buskers to make little money and recently a local busker had his licence suspended amid allegations he had been illegally street trading CDs of his music. I find it sad that against all the odds and the demoralising day’s a busker must face he can’t even make a few pound from his or her OWN music.

“Street photography stories” 

I posted the following image on flickr and instantly people commented saying how talented he was and what a great image of the guy! I was proud to do the man justice who stand’s there all day getting little credit from passersby. Next time you see a busker in the rain THINK!!!!



4 thoughts on “A buskers passion

  1. ah excellent Vincent. Good insights to think about. Leonard Cohen wrote a long called Tower of Song about musicians who work in that tower…tied to the table! LOL I think if you can sing, play music you have to do it! and this image is a wonderful portrait.

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