Photography changing lives

Photography is my way of documenting life, primarily it’s street but every now and then an opportunity arises to do something unexpected and challenging. As i walk the back streets looking for photogenic moments that will tell stories i pass a wedding shop window where a pretty woman sits legs crossed staring into the abyss surrounded by white wedding dresses.

This was a moment i couldn’t resist but also one where i respect the person’s wishes, this is obviously a very important day for someone? I venture in cheekily asking if i could take her photo she smiles and happily replies yes . . . After further conversation she explains she’s there for her daughters dress fitting making this a more personal moment and one i didn’t want to intrude on.

I quickly took a few shots and said thank you and left! I walked away thinking was she really ok with it or did i put her on the spot? I suppose i’d never know, although i did tell her my name so hopefully she’d contact me???

Days passed and i really liked the photo and was hoping she’d somehow get to see it. A week later i get a message on flickr “it was the lady from the wedding shop” She tracked me down and created an account just to express how happy she was and how i made her week, she went on to say that she’s not very well and this photograph and all the nice comments she’d been reading had really cheered her up.

Sometimes its moments like this that prove a simple photo can change lives, make a change with your photography and keep chasing those clicks. “ Happy Easter “

street 01


9 thoughts on “Photography changing lives

  1. Hi Vincent, Thanks so much for following my blog. I really love your photography especially the street art one…love it! I am really looking forward to checking out your work when you post….Cheers from Australia 🙂

  2. hi vincent, such a lovely story about how we can touch each other, even when we are strangers … we are all the One … so everything we do impacts on everyone else .. blessings, christine

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