Street photography art?



  • The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,…: “the art of the Renaissance”
  • Works produced by such skill and imagination.

craft – skill – artifice – science – workmanship – knack……………….

For me art is like fashion not everyone understands it, it’s a game of opinions and personal preference. I only like art that i can relate to and that’s the very reason i like street photography, is street photography art? i suppose if the art is to capture a moment with creative skill and having the vision and foresight to make the photo work then yes i guess it is art “ open to debate “

When i’m working freelance or for myself i would never take a photo that meant nothing to me! I need to understand why i’ve taken the shot to be satisfied that i’ve got the best, there is no point running around clicking and then calling it street photography! Every photo you take should tell a story just like the “artist” who makes the story work within the picture frame.

People have asked me “ whats your style?” My style is one that works i care for nothing else, i look at other street photographers and admire their work but i don’t want to be like them, it’s getting harder for me to take shots now because i’m always questioning myself  “ will this tell a story “

Art works for some and not all so i don’t expect people to understand why i do street photography but everyone has an imagination and if we can exploit that then the story will write itself.

on the street

I took the above photo of a street artist at work because when you look at her facial expressions my point is made…  It tells a story!!!

All credit goes to mark braithwaite a wonderful artist and i highly recommend his work, please check his face book page for more information.

Keep chasing clicks and think before you press the shutter button. . .


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