Window shopping £0.00

With high street shops closing i walk the small back streets of my small city wondering how this affects them? Hidden away in a tourists paradise sits a number of small niche shops hoping for trade from those visiting the city. Locals window shop and rarely venture in while tourists are looking for small cheap item’s, a souvenir to remind them of their visit.

Before street photography i was blind to the world but now i see everything, not everything is black and while, simple or nice. The streets are alive and i feel street photography is not for others to gloat at but to raise awareness. Every shot is “ photojournalism “ even if you don’t realise it, the people looking can read the story  “ or at least they should if you’ve taken the shot right! ”


I think the above image highlights this very subject , window shopping , photography, art, niche.

Unfortunately it’s hard for “locals” to save the back street shops as this relies heavily on tourist footfall but we should spare a thought the next time we visit another city.

Have fun chasing your next click. . . 


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