Lonely and lost.

When you’ve had it all and then you lose it all, then what?

Mum,Dad,Sisters, Brothers, Wife, Kids, Grandkids!!!

None of us think beyond today and many dream of tomorrow,wishing life away is something we all do when times are hard. When i walk the streets i see what the future holds for many, i see sadness and lonely people who only want to be acknowledged, “ a good morning will go along way and mean the world to some people” you might be the only person that they talk to all day, all week? who knows???

I walked past a food truck for 4day’s and at 10am every morning I’d see an elderly man sat alone while shoppers talked and laughed, i often thought who is he? Why is he alone? I asked myself all the questions you should as a street photographer and decided that one photo can tell a story so i don’t have to.


Life can be sometimes lonely but we must carry on, stay positive stay strong and live on…


Keep chasing clicks and make a difference. 


11 thoughts on “Lonely and lost.

  1. Bittersweet and touching thoughts. It’s so true that a lot of the time we go around the world flying by, and not taking the time to really notice things like this. The older man sitting alone, the woman waiting for her daughter at the wedding dress shop; they’re all little stories that get passed by the casual onlooker. It really does take a keen and sensitive eye to notice these things. Thank you for this.

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