Your not the only one!

A small world where people alike cross paths daily, with street photography people can relate to the image’s but not always why you choose to be a ” street photographer ” some people think it’s strange taking photos of strangers and to be honest so did i when i first started out so i can appreciate and respect their opinion.

One thing street photography has tought me is never to judge others because if you actually spoke to them you’ll realise you know nothing about the individual, that been said its human nature to look at someone and imagine, or relate to an image.

When i walk the streets with my camera i think i’m the only one doing street photography in my town ” who else does street? ” You’d be surprised. As i walk through a not so busy town centre i approach a shot from the side,   “click” the man turns and spot’s me so i feel obliged to talk to him and explain what i’m doing ” he laughs” and says,  Can i show you something? He pulls out his camera and begins to show me his work ” Street photographer ” i can’t believe it !!!!!

We stand and talk for some time both sharing something in common but as i walk away i do so learning a lesson! ” Don’t ever think you’re the only one, don’t  judge and don’t assume anything yet work from fact’s and the individual himself.

street photographer

street photographer


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