Market Life

The dyeing trade that once would flood every city and town in the UK ” The great market life ” with everything cheaply found online it’s becoming more and more difficult for market traders to make any kind of living and those that do are niche market stalls and the die-hard veg man who shouts at the top of his voice just to attract any passers-by. With tough laws that prevent market holders setting up their stalls until all the high-streets shops open for trade and that of early morning noise regulation preventing the stall holder opening, i fear their losing the battle to the men in suites and the online cheep’s you can find with a click of a button.

As i walk the market i can’t help but feel grateful for what i have yet sorry for the one’s who stand by family traditions. I don’t feel like market life is completely dead but maybe going through a transformation period ” out with the old in with the new ” for many new start-up companies it’s a great platform for them to showcase their product.

I think after my experience on the market and talking to those who work in all weather all year round for little money and only pride i’ll be supporting in the future no matter how little it might be.


Market life

Market life

market life

market life

market life

market life




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