Street Fashion

With fashion we choose what time period we want to live in!  40’s 50’s 60′ 70’s 80 ‘s etc……

Does fashion tell you about a person? I’m not sure judging  people on dress sense will lead you to the right conclusion but leads you to imagination, i can look at people and think ” wow! So that’s how the people of the 70’s dressed ”

The youth of today would no doubt turn their nose up at a man walking the street dressed as though he’s walked out from the second world war era but i find this intriguing and makes my imagination work a little harder.

I  think the elderly tend not to move with the times hence why they stay dressed to their given era where as people these days move with the times ? As i walk the streets i spot this man, i quickly put the view finder to my eye hoping he wouldn’t look up as it was close contact photography and it would have been an awkward situation for both of us.

I love this image as it shows a man been independent at such an age and not changing his image for anyone.   

street style


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